‘it’s been a bit of an epiphany.’ Dom – Project Change Development Manager, UK

What areas do you coach in?

I tend to attract people who are in or about to be in a period of transition; whether this be a small adjustment, a shift from their ‘normal’ or a giant leap into the unknown.


Examples of transition could include:

  • Relocation in the UK or Internationally
  • New job or position or career change
  • New role in life e.g. parenthood, marriage, divorce etc.
  • Shift in usual routine which is causing stress e.g. kids leaving for school/Uni.
  • Significant event which is triggering negative behaviour.

However, I am not limited by this.  What is important is that you find the right connection with your coach.  If the connection is there then you will find the ‘topic’ of initial conversation leads to more delayering.


How do I know if I need coaching?

Lets’ take an opportunity to discuss your needs in person, or by phone, we can cover more ground and find out about each other.  It is just a few minutes of your time, it is free and you will become much clearer on your needs.  There is really nothing to lose by reaching out right now.





How will my coaching take place?

I offer a range of options:

  • Walk and talk sessions – get outside and breath in nature
  • Informal coffee shops to more formal locations
  • Telephone and Webcam platforms

The coaching environment needs to offer you the space to speak freely and openly.  I am also flexible with timings to accommodate different time zones.


How much will it cost?

A transformational coaching journey works optimally in groups of 6 sessions, however the client determines their own journey.


These sessions are staggered over a period of weeks relevant to your needs.  By investing 7 hours on yourself, which is equivalent to just one working day, we can explore together what you want but have never had the freedom and opportunity to embrace, or perhaps the courage to say out loud.  I offer you a safe, non-judgemental, confidential place to discover the part of you that you are subconsciously hiding from.


You can purchase single sessions one at a time from £75 or I offer a range of packages with discounted price options when a pack of sessions (packs of 3 or 6) are purchased in advance.


We can discuss all these options in person and work out the best fit for your needs right now: sam@naturaledgecoachinguk.co.uk


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