What is coaching?

Coaching is a positive, forward thinking, client focused, self-driven process. My personal coaching style is to partner my clients to bring out their BEST and support them in locating their true potential in whatever situation they are currently in.  It is a unique partnership where we learn from each other.

‘it’s changed how I approach my work & home life in a very positive way.' Dom – Project Change Development Manager, UK

What coaching is not:

Training i.e the imparting of particular knowledge in a particular area.

Mentoring i.e guidance from a more senior/experienced individual to a less experienced individual.

Counselling/Psychotherapy i.e. focusing on events in the past that are impacting present life.


How do I know if it’s right for me?

Initially we would have a FREE confidential, no obligation call/skype to discuss in more detail your coaching needs and to assess if we have the right connection to work together.


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What do I do as your coach?

  • Through open questioning I will be your guide, encourager and challenger and partner you in your coaching journey.
  • Listen carefully to everything you tell me or not tell me.
  • Provide you with dedicated time and space to be true to yourself, with no judgment only objective observation.
  • Encourage you to use the freedom to unpick self-depreciating belief systems and shift them towards your instinctive true self.
  • Help you remain focused and excited about what you are achieving
  • Maintain a professional coaching relationship in accordance to the ICF code of ethics.

I am passionate about coaching and the value it can offer clients.  Every coaching session is defined by your needs and I am with you in the moment, empowering you to take steps forward.  If by the end of a coaching engagement a client is more equipped with tools to self-coach and has a sustainability plan to keep focus, then I am fulfilled.  Seeing people take brave steps, work through change and reap the rewards reignites my desire to help every time.

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