Guided and inspired me to find my own path to reach goals that I actually never thought I could achieve. Rachel – Manager, UK

What have previous clients said?

"guided and inspired me
to find my
own path


Sam has guided and inspired me to find my own path to reach goals that I actually never thought I could achieve.  She has given me the ‘tools’ to maintain the momentum I now have and is always there to support me when the going gets slightly tough.  I would not hesitate to recommend Sam as a coach.


Manager, UK [2017]

"it’s been a
bit of an epiphany


I didn’t know much about coaching techniques, and hadn’t been coached before the sessions with Sam, but it’s been a bit of an epiphany.  She helped me discover many things about myself that have been holding me back, and guided me towards a sustainable personal goal.  I’ve grown in confidence, seeing the impact after only one session, and now tackle issues that I’ve previously avoided.  I recognise the power of coaching, and use the techniques with my own team, where before I would have directed.  I fully recommend these sessions with Sam – it’s changed how I approach my work & home life in a very positive way.


Project Change Development Manager, UK [2016]


"there for me at the right time"


Sam was there for me at the right time, asking me the right questions.  She was understanding of my needs and concerns and gave me guidance and tools to help me find my path to my goal.


Managing Director, Switzerland [2017]

"helped me regain my confidence"


I started working with Sam when I approached a crossroads with a number of items weighing me down. I was confused on which direction I should take and how I remove the weight of issues I was carrying.


Sam was fantastic- She listened carefully and worked constructively with me to me break-down the items that were weighing me down & restricting my development. Sam motivated me to set realistic short & medium term goals to overcome these challenges, and helped clarify the new direction for me with clear objectives to strive for and achieve.


I would certainly recommend Sam, she helped me regain my confidence and ability to tackle challenges head-on!


Product Team Manager, UK [2016]

" The work
we did felt natural and valuable


"I would consider myself to be tenacious and strong and generally able to face any situation head on.  However, I realised that I had a particularly challenging situation that although I was able to 'deal with', I was not necessarily able to get the best out of it due to the way I was handling it.  I am naturally confident and can visualise the end result normally, but with this I had a mental block.  Going there was too stressful for my mind and so I closed down all my natural instincts, locked it up in my brain and only thought about it at a very shallow level.  However, as the focus point of the situation approached I could feel my anxiety levels increasing slowly but surely in the background and I made the decision to get control back over it.  I contacted Sam with a few ground-rules as I wasn't sure if coaching was going to be something for me or whether it would actually make me feel weaker versus stronger. I shouldn't have worried, during our first session I was able to see exactly what was actually at the root of my concern and immediately I felt lighter. Once identified these things lost their power over me and over the subsequent sessions I was able to completely turn around my thinking. The work we did felt natural and valuable and Sam was able to channel my abilities and instincts to ensure I preformed at my best and didn't just settle for 'dealing' with it!"


Retail Consultant, UK [2017]


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