Introduction to Danish Delivery – a real time life transition.


As a transition life coach, I partner people through positive change by creating a safe environment where they can increase their own personal awareness, explore, create and plan out their ideal scene.  I work with clients to help remove blocks and un-serving patterns of behaviour and look to equip my clients with a positive tool belt for life.

When faced with our next, very real and significant life transition of our own, I wanted to embrace the opportunity to explore and share experientially, in as real time as possible, how we are positively navigating our way through as a family.  It is an opportunity to explore a holistic approach, new tools and a love of permaculture and apply its philosophy to a personal setting.  Using real time experiences and gaining ongoing insights I want to share this journey, the highs and lows. Enabling anyone who is facing a transition to pull on the learnings, tools and ideas, or just feel motivated to try something new, or reassured to know that they are not alone.

This next life transition stems from a company relocation opportunity.  As a family, we have relocated internationally several times already and so this does not come as a huge surprise to us.  However, this time we are approaching the situation slightly differently.  The relocation is happening now, summer 2017, and my husband is moving to Denmark to begin a new position.  We are still very much working through its infancy and we are trying out a new model of working as a family unit.

Having the opportunity to relocate with a company supporting you, comes with many benefits and we have used every opportunity that has come our way in the past to its fullest.  However, there are obviously also some compromises you must make.  This time we are taking a very considered and holistic approach to our family situation. By taking the time to think through everyone’s needs and importantly everyone’s perceived limits. This will afford us the opportunity to be more aware of our own beliefs and those around us, providing us with an opportunity to create abundance and positive growth from this next chapter in our lives.

Using a framework called the Design Web, created by Looby Macnamara as detailed in her book People and Permaculture, I have written up a project on this transition. Through this process we have identified our ideal scene, our limits, and created an action plan to help guide us effectively through this next period of change.

Through a series of short blogs and some videos I will look to share some helpful tips and ideas which can be applied to assist with any transition.  Be that a new project, a change of job, change of life status, change of garden design, it really doesn’t matter what the topic is.  You can watch an ongoing series of short vlogs on my YouTube Channel.

I am excited to have you join us on this journey, I will be learning and sharing as much as I can.  I hope you find the information useful and feel free to reach out if you need a partner in change or want to learn more.

With love


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