Holistic Approach to Transition; Danish Delivery


There are many ways you can ‘deal’ with transition or change.  You can simply let it happen by letting it happen to you.  Or you can be your change by stepping up, increasing self-awareness and by being brave.

In our latest transition as a family, we are stepping up to find our way to positively navigate another company relocation, something which we have experienced before on a number of occasions.  Relocating with a company supporting you, offers many opportunities and potential benefits.  However, there are also some obvious compromises you must make.  This time we are approaching the situation in a slightly different way, by taking a very considered and holistic approach to the ongoing transition.

We are doing this using a number of tools to help ensure we create the most abundant environment possible as an output of this transition.  Abundance that continues to support our family’s positive growth at this current time. We have invested a great deal of energy mapping out the transition journey that we feel best meets our current needs.

We have done this using a number of tools. Central to this is the creation of a ‘Design Web’ project, a framework developed by permaculture expert, Looby Macnamara.  This includes investing in core routines such as sit-spots for pause, appreciation, mind mapping, success logging, reflection, ideal scene setting, delayering limits, action and momentum planning –  all of which I will explain in more detail in further blogs.

Our overall intention for this next chapter of our lives is to let it lead us into further growth as a family and connect us deeper than ever before.  The golden thread that holds this all together is strong communication with each other.  The practical and logistical bits are obvious but we are trying a different approach to relocation which takes into account the not-so-obvious factors.  If we need to change our path we will, but for now we are trying on a new model by being brave.

By sharing our journey we hope to empower others to be brave too.  By having a voice and really communicating your individual needs and those of your family, you do not need to simply deal with transition, instead you can take ownership and ensure you remain positive and energised, so you all get the best possible outcomes.

Next time I will introduce Permaculture and the main principals of the Design Web.

You can also watch an ongoing series of short vlogs on our live transition on my YouTube channel.

If you are looking for a safe non-judgemental space to create the best outcome from your next transition then please reach out and make contact.

With love



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