‘there for me at the right time, asking me the right questions.'   Lonneke – Managing Director, Switzerland

About Me

I am inspired by nature.  The interconnectivity of nature and ourselves is immense.  If you look at the area between two ecosystems you will observe a very active, abundant, productive space.  This Natural Edge is not defined by strict boundaries, it is gradual, a dynamic space. This is where I am inspired to take my clients; to the edge of their comfort zone where they feel stretched, dynamic, productive and achieving.


I am very fortunate as my location holds no limits and as a result I have had the opportunity to coach clients from all over the UK and abroad.  I offer coaching remotely (skype) and face to face, whether that be in a walk and talk setting out within nature, in a cosy coffee shop or a more formal location.  It all comes down to the clients’ needs.


A tiny bit of background, I worked in corporate industry for 12 years and travelled and lived abroad for 7 years.  I used this international opportunity to embrace the culture, spirit and landscape of each country.  During this time I nurtured my family and re-evaluated what is important to me, what is instinctive, and how I can best apply this knowledge to help others.  Upon return to the UK I completed a permaculture design course and an ICF accredited coaching course. My company and coaching style reflects my passions for permaculture and coaching.

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